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Individual, & Specialty Massages

Choose from a variety of massages.. you simply can’t go wrong with any choice!


Relax and unwind with a firm but not deep pressure on your tired, sore muscles. Reduce stress, improve circulation, feel your body loosen up and melt into bliss! 

60 min. …$75    90 min. …$110

Add CBD lotion for only $20

Foot Refloxology

Reflexology reduces stress, promotes relaxation, improves circulation, cleanses the body of toxins through targeting areas on your feet that coordinate with the lymphatic system, kidneys, colon, and skin,detoxing, and balances the universal system to give you homeostasis. Homeostasis is a feeling of well being, a dynamic state of balance. It revitalizes energy, restores mental alertness, and improves attention span. 

60 minutes… $75

Hot stones massage

Therapeutic hot stones will be used to release muscle tension and soothe tired and achy muscles. The warmth of these stones will relax, and de-stress you. Mild to medium pressure is used.

75 minutes………$120

Time does NOT include undress/dress time. You are massaged the entirety of the minutes


A massage of energy work that is done on the abdomen and along the meridian trails. Get your Qi moving! Qi is the energy of life, Without Qi, there is no life! 

Get grounded! Find your center! FEEL your inside energy healing your emotions. Find out how you can help yourself through your mind, body, and spirit! Meridian massage works well if you are suffering with anxiety, depression, in need of “letting go”, or just want to feel terrific!

30 min. …$40     60 min. ….$75


Aquatic Bodywork is aquatherapy, or hydrotherapy. It is massage / energy work performed in a 95 degree salt water pool. Aquatherapy can relieve stress, anxiety, depression, arthritis, joint issues, chronic pain, insomnia, and so much more. It will put you in a meditative state, relaxing you like you have never felt before. While you float, I do all the work. I will exercise, stretch, massage, and relax your entire body. This is a unique modality that can only be found here at Island Time Spa with me.  Check out the “special” page set up just for  Aquatherapy

40 min.   $70

60 min.   $110

(Does not include a $30 pool fee)

Please allow at least 5 minutes before session for a brief explanation, and a minimum of 15 minutes after to regain full awareness, as the session will have you fully relaxed.

Hot Himalayan salt stones

Using warm Himalayan salt crystals, we soothe away stress and tension, promoting an increased sense of well-being. The crystals grounding properties help to improve sleep and balance. Himalayan salt stones also gives a light exfoliation.  There are over 85 natural minerals in each salt stone!

75 minutes…….$120

Time does NOT include undress/dress time. You are massaged the entirety of the minutes.

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