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I am a certified Aquatherics practitioner providing warm water therapy to clients in the South Houston/Conroe Texas area. My therapy is performed in a 95 degree warm water salt pool. I want my clients to feel more relaxed and self aware than they ever have before. I strive to help relieve clients from high stress levels, chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, depression, arthritis pain, joint problems, low mobility, long Covid, breathing issues, and so much more! I have a holistic approach to issues that I bet you haven’t tried yet! My sessions are unique and effective. Aquatherapy (a form of hydrotherapy) pairs perfectly along with other types of professionals who deal with similar health issues. Aquatherics is new to this area. I studied in San Diego, California and brought my knowledge back here to Texas to help as many people as I can. I, myself, contacted Covid in 2021 and was hospitalized for 6 weeks and on oxygen for 7 months. I felt being in the water was the only place I could breathe better, and feel better and move better. I know I am not alone feeling this way along with others afflicted with pain and suffering and looking for answers someplace other than a pill bottle.  I searched the internet for help with my rehabilitation and recovery only to find nobody in this field. I decided to change that! Everyone who comes for a session is coming for their own reasons, some reasons they may not even know themselves they were looking for and may find clarity within the time spent in the pool. Each person/ session is different. Each person/ session you will get something different from. This is unlike anything you have tried before and you won’t believe what you find out about yourself and what your body can do in a zero gravity hydrostatic environment! 

If traditional land therapy is difficult and painful, it is important to find alternative methods to keep active and gain strength. Warm water therapy can provide a safe and fun alternative for you. You don’t have to worry about your swimming skills. You will not swim, you will float on top of the water in a controlled environment. It is an easy, fun, relaxing, and productive alternative to improve your quality of life, your mobility, and your mind, body, and your spirit! 

Come spend a session with me in the pool to help relieve:






Chronic pain

Immune deficiency 

Joint and low mobility problems


Clarity in daily life issues

Come join me in the pool to: 



Find Self Awareness 



What our customers are saying

”This was very relaxing, almost hypnotic. I was almost asleep, and while in the most relaxed state, I started to see colors. Yellow, green, blue, black, and a white light. At most times I had no idea where Diane was although I knew she was in control of my body. I felt like I was floating in the air! I loved the feeling of total trust and relaxation,

Betty Brown

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