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A relaxed body cannot experience a negative emotion. 

We are a unique spa offering individual, team building, and corporate events through several different types of relaxation! 
Book our team to come to  you, or for smaller events you can come to us! 

Thank you to everyone who visited me at the Christmas in July Whitehall Convention!

The winner of the FREE 1 HR. MASSAGE IS....

Karen Sharp from Proforma Impact Promotions!!

CONGRATULATIONS Karen.  Please call me to make your appointment. 

EVERYONE WINS though because if you entered the drawing, 

you are eligible for a $10 off session.

Don't miss out! call today!


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Choose your kind of event for your team:


Pamper station event lets you choose 3 different types of relaxation for each team member, and also includes a group meditation!



All 1st. Time clients receive $10 off any individual service

here in Conroe! 

Come, try us, and feel great!



Naturally Effective Health & Wellness Solutions

You deserve this!! Our unique experiences only found here in Texas, let you live your best life. We combine a unique hydrotherapy called Aquatherics  in a warm 95 degree salt water pool with several different types of land modality’s.


It’s Massage

It’s Stretching 

It’s Stress, Anxiety, and Depression Relief

It’s Chronic Pain Relief

It’s Arthritis and Joint Pain Relief

It’s Insomnia Relief

It’s movement in Zero Gravity

It’s Relaxation

It’s Self-Awareness

It’s Letting Go



Try a 60 or 90 minute Swedish or deep tissue massage to loosen up sore muscles, relax, get at those nasty sore spots, de-stress!! You won’t be disappointed! 

special massages:






”I had an amazing experience with Diane! She gave me my first magnesium wrap, a hot stone massage, and a coffee scrub. I felt terrific after each service and thought the coffee scrub was delightful! Everything was very relaxing and I would definitely go back! Diane has magical hands!,”

Eva Perkinson

I suffer from Anxiety and depression. I also suffer from a fear of water because I cannot swim. I’m that girl who sits in the shallow end of the pool, hates water to get in my face and definitely hates to be dunked in the water. Driving over bridges that are over water scare me.   Today I did a thing…I decided to do Aquatherics (warm water therapy) to help with my stress and anxiety issues. I was so nervous I tried to talk myself out of it.   I went to Diane’s Island Time and got in the water to start my float. I put all my trust into Diane. I closed my eyes and just focused on the sounds of movement of water. At first, I thought I saw the light and this was going to be the end. Nope, false alarm. The movement, warmth of the water, and the calmness made me think about what a baby must feel in the womb. Safe and relaxed. This experience made me feel like I was cleansed and REBIRTH. If you are experiencing Anxiety, Depression, Aches, and Distraction, reach out to Diane and schedule your appointment. You will not experience anything like it!!

Sherry Bowden Grantham

Such a beautiful experience. Diane made me feel comfortable in the water and the movements were gentle and relaxing. I feel calm and grounded. She was able to do things that can’t be done on a massage table.

Sue Kittrell

I came to see Diane because I had so much stress tension in my back, neck, and shoulders. This tension was effecting my sleep and emotions. Diane listened and took time to work on areas causing me pain. Her wonderful technique and knowledge showed how wonderful she is as a massage therapist. I’ve had massages before, however, Diane truly cared about giving a truly beneficial massage to me. I slept great that night, and was not sore the next day. Truly a wonderful experience!!

Arti Patel

It was a unique experience, because you actually leave your body immersed in the water. It helps you relax and you start to meditate unconsciously. Moments during the session with the therapist, she massages several specific points on your body. As a person, I’m having a lot of responsibilities and it affects my sleep, because I think too much about the future. The day after the session I felt more energized, and more focused on the needs to be done. Thank you, Diane for providing me with this experience!

Mika Nunes

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